Fundraising 2020 – Culver’s Give Back

The Fundraising Committee met at the beginning of the school year to discuss the most efficient way to raise funds during a pandemic. Originally the team was given a goal of $1,000. The committee decided the best way to raise those funds would be through business sponsorships, selling pizza kits and hosting a Give Back Night at Culver’s in Stevensville, MI.

As planning started, so did the spread of COVID. The governor shut down a lot of businesses within our community and we decided to take another look at our fundraising options. Two of our options required team members to interact with business owners and families as we tried to sell products/sponsorships. For the safety of our team and our community, we decided to look at the other options.

Contact was made with Culver’s Stevensville for a Give Back Night on November 18, 2020. A voucher was required for our team to receive the 20% donation.

Our team was responsible for reaching out to the community electronically and via social media. Team members took vouchers to school to share with friends and school staff. Instagram and FaceBook posts were created and shared by team members and parents. LMS school newsletter also included an article with event details and the voucher copy.

Overall the event raised $118.10 for our team. Culver’s was a great local business to partner with and we look forward to doing another event in the future.

During this same time our coaches were also looking for additional opportunities for raising funds via grants/donations. Please refer to our Balance Sheet to see these additional items.

Below are some pictures of the event and donation collection. Our team enjoying the event.